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About our maps

Community Southwark have compiled a Southwark-wide map for our communities, volunteers, and frontline workers showing the community resources available to them. The maps have information on food resources, community groups and organisations, TRAs, mutual aid groups, faith networks and charities providing extra support to our most vulnerable people during Covid-19. If your group is providing help to local people, please add it to the map - watch our tutorial at the bottom of the page to learn how

PLEASE NOTE: While we have mapped the services available in Southwark, it is essential that you continue to abide by the government's social distancing regulations. Please do not visit any of the organisations listed on the map unless you have been explicitly asked to do so and for an essential reason. Contact details and web addresses are listed for each organisation.

Visit Covid-19 Services Map

View Southwark Food Action Alliance (SFAA) Food Resources

Or browse services by focus area...

Signposting & Advice

For people with a query or request, and need to know where to go

Domestic Abuse

Help is out there; you're not alone

Medicines & Prescriptions Collection

Getting medicine to people self isolating


Helping people on the streets, or facing the streets

Virtual Meets and Online Activities

Meet up without actually meeting up

Befriending & Telephone Calls

Make someone's who needs it's week

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Bereavement

Make sure that you find the time to help you during lockdown

Translation & ESOL

Help translating information for people whose first language isn't English

Legal Advice & Universal Credit

Immigration advice, housing, universal credit, furlough, etc.

Shopping, Delivery & Collection

Getting food to people who are self-isolating

Help Getting Online

Help getting on phones and on your computer

Other services

Read entry description

How to add a contribution
to our maps...

How to: Add a contribution to our community maps

Visit Community Maps Homepage