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wards &


Councillors represent their areas, or wards, to the council and give a voice to their communities. Dulwich has wards with a total of 9 councillors All councillor seats are occupied by Labour Party candidates.Get in touch with councillors if you have an issue that is affecting you or the area you live in. Click on the names in each list to be redirected to their contact details.

find your


Councillor Richard Leeming – Deputy Cabinet Member for Digital Inclusion (Labour)

Councillor Margy Newens– (Labour)

Councillor James McAsh (Labour)

Councillor Victoria Olisa – Cabinet Member for Finance, Performance and Brexit (Labour)

Councillor Charlie Smith – Deputy Cabinet Member for Tenant and Leaseholder Management (Labour)

Councillor Catherine Rose – The Mayor of Southwark (Labour)

Councillor Andy Simmons (Labour)



Empowering Communities is a community engagement programme run by Southwark Council. The programme comprises of regular individual ward meetings held by councillors, and two multi-ward meetings per year. The aim of empowering communities is to make communicating local issues to the council easier for communities. Each of DULWICH's wards meets with their councillors a few times per year to talk about issues affecting their neighbourhood, and discuss ways that public money and time could be spent improving it, or even new regeneration proposals in the area. Everyone in the neighbourhood is welcome to join these meetings.

These are your opportunity to directly engage with the issues in your local neighbourhood.

Your local councillor organises community meetings for members of their ward to discuss issues affecting the local area.​

Sometimes, your councillor will chair a joint meeting with a neighbouring ward/ councillor to discuss an issue affecting both wards.

Twice a year, the council hosts a multi-ward meeting for residents across several wards. 

These meetings are mainly for funding programmes information, process, and announcement of decisions, including:

Cleaner Greener Safer

Neighbourhoods Fund

Democracy Fund

Devolved Highways Fund

Dulwich is represented at the Southern forum.

In each multi-ward forum, a Councillor will be a community champion and will chair these meetings, ensuring they operate effectively. Contact this councillor and the Empowering Communities Development Officer (below) for more information on ward meetings and multi-forum meetings

Community Champion: Andy Simmons,, 07956 624484

You can contact the local Development Officer with questions, suggestions and feedback for the council on things like policy, grants, and public spending in your ward or multi-ward forum. They also provide administrative and organisational support. You can find their contact details below.

Fitzroy Lewis:, 0207 525 3084



DULWICH is part of both the the south forum in the Empowering communities network. click the button below to open an interactive map of each forum






    Men: 81.5, Women: 86.2

  • Births

    776 live births


    Non-white: 28.3%, White: 71.7%

  • Deprivation Rank

    Dulwich Wood: 17th, Dulwich Hill: 20th, Goose Green: 21st, Dulwich Village: 23rd. Southwark ranked 40th out of 326 local authorities for deprivation (high)

  • Child Poverty Rate

    8.7% of families with children claiming out-of-work benefits. (National average and Southwark average: 13.5%)

  • New requests for adult social care support


  • Crime rate per 1,000 people




download southwark council's complete area profile for DULWICH