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Learn More about Camberwell

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Learn More about Walworth

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Peckham & Nunhead

Learn More about Peckham & Nunhead

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Bermondsey & Rotherhithe

Learn More about Bermondsey & Rotherhithe

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Learn More about Dulwich

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Borough and Bankside

Learn More about Borough and Bankside

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Groups & Networks

Provider led groups, or PLG's, are issues based networks designed to encourage peer support, collaboration and networking opportunities between members. Members are residents, businesses, professionals, and charity or community organisations in Southwark. Each group usually meets once every three months, but make sure you check before hand- you can check by contacting us.

Southwark LGBT Network

A group for members of Southwark's LGBTQ+ community, and their allies

Universal Credit Network

A group for organisations that provide support to people on Universal Credit

Creative Network Southwark

A network for creatives of all types, whether you represent yourself, a group, or an organisation.

Southwark Planning Network

A network of people to influence planning policy and scrutinise development in the borough

Small Groups Network

A group for small community organisations to discuss issues and ideas

Southwark Food Action Alliance

An alliance of food banks and suppliers advocating for food security for all in Southwark

Volunteer in the Community

The best way you can get involved in your community is to commit a small amount of time to a local cause. Many campaigns, projects and organisations rely on the time and effort volunteers contribute and it's exceptionally valued.

Community southwark offers drop-in volunteer advice sessions on tuesdays and thursday. To attend, you'll need to book in advance using the button below on the left. Alternatively, you can communicate with the volunteer advisor by email if you have difficultly attending a daytime appointment


talk to our volunteer advisor

Book an appointment

drop us an email