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What services are available to our communities?

We have compiled information for our communities, volunteers, and frontline workers showing the community resources available to them, and mapped the services across Southwark. The maps have information on food resources, community groups and organisations with Covid-19 services, TRAs, mutual aid groups, faith networks + more who are providing extra support to our most vulnerable people during Covid-19.

Resources for mutual aid groups...


There are many organisations currently looking for volunteers
to help support them during covid-19. This can be with things like
food collection, delivery, befriending and other support duties.

Click the button below to see current Volunteering opportunities

More help for Southwark residents...

Universal Credit, Housing and Immigration Advice

Information on services to support people affected by the Covid-19 outbreak

Our Commitment to You

A message from the CEO of Community Southwark

Info for Businesses

Information from Hatch Enterprise to answer your questions on running your business during Covid-19 (Opens New Tab)


Special funding to help your organisation provide support in Covid-19

How to Protect yourself (and others around you)

Information on the Covid-19 virus and how you help prevent its spread.

Volunteer Managers

Info for volunteer managers, including volunteer best practice. Opens new tab (Community Southwark)