Volunteers Week 2020: Send us your pics!

This year’s Volunteers Week is a really good time to focus on the acts of kindness, small and large, that keep communities going and help people stay connected.

Given the current climate and how much the coronavirus pandemic has impacted lives around the world, we’ve seen thousands of people rally around, looking out for one another and offering support to people who are vulnerable.. and or that, we say thank you!

Join us!

At Community Southwark, we would love for you to join in thanks and send us 1 or 2 things:

  1. A photo of you, your colleagues or friends with your hand up and ‘Thank you’ written on your hand (See photo as an example).
  2. Send us a ‘good news’ story of some wonderful volunteers; who they are and what key role they have in your community/organisation.

Send these photos to our email: volunteering@comunitysouthwark.org (Please send your photos/stories by Wednesday 3rd June.

Photos must be sent as a jpeg or as the original file)

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