Plane Hell Action Update: May 2020

1. Please find attached Plane Hell Action SE’s response to the CAP1887consultation, pdf attached and here on the CAA website:


Modernisation of airspace is an opportunity to implement good practice in the light of a revised SoNA and the findings of independent research on the health impacts brought about by noise levels, sleep deprivation, length of time exposed to unbroken noise and polluted air. 

CAP1887 fails to seriously consider the impacts of noise.  This should be its primary goal in airspace modernisation. No one community should benefit to the disadvantage of another in airspace around airports and where planes fly at low altitude (below 7000 ft).

2. CPRE is conducting a Noise Attitudes Survey to find out how aircraft noise affects people.  It runs until 1st June. The survey is open to everyone and we will be circulating it across our supporter base.  You are probably aware of it and it can also be found here:

This follows on from its report showing the need for better mapping of aircraft noise and more research to understand the impact of aircraft noise on health ( )

Will residents tolerate any aircraft noise post Coronavirus as they become accustomed to the sounds of nature?  Peace and tranquillity are normally so rare in our busy lives. We’re having a glimpse of what life was like before aircraft noise and it is a revelation.

3. A letter to send to your MP.  Will you encourage your members, residents and all others affected by plane noise and emissions to send their MP a copy, adjusted to suit their own preferences?  And to let them know of the CPRE Noise Attitudes Survey. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Bridget Bell for Plane Hell Action SE

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