We Are Creative Southwark- Cultural Celebrations Fund 2020/ 21

This funding is to encourage the provision of community engagement activity at a programme of outdoor festivals and events across Southwark.

The Cultural Celebrations fund will support the Council’s Fairer Future Commitments by helping to create a vibrant Southwark. It also supports the three themes from Creative Southwark, the Council’s Cultural Strategy:

  • Creative economy
  • Creative growth
  • Creative people

They are looking to support a range of cultural celebrations across a geographical spread of locations within the borough. Applications to hold events in any park, or public space, within the borough will be considered.

Southwark Council are looking to fund community-focused organisations who wish to deliver festivals or events that aim to support the Council’s Fairer Future Commitment of creating a vibrant Southwark, as well as support the themes from Creative Southwark, the Council’s cultural strategy (see info pack below for more information).

The festival or event must:

  • Take place between 1 April 2020 and 30 March 2021.
  • Include a programme of inclusive and accessible participatory opportunities for local
  • residents and/or businesses.
  • Take place in a park or a public space.
  • Be sympathetic to and appropriate for the requested site and its environs.
  • Promote community engagement.
  • Be FREE of charge for the public to attend and participate in.
  • Aspire to present opportunities for local traders, artists, performers and volunteers.

The full funding amount is £95,000 and it will be allocated to a range of festivals and events across Southwark. Applicants are invited to bid for up to a maximum of £10,000 although the amount awarded may differ from the amount requested.

More Info

Please see information pack for more detailed information as well as hyperlinks to other resources that will help your application

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