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Peckham Rye Park Bowling Area and Pavilion Project

Working with the Friends of Peckham Rye Park, the London Borough of Southwark Parks Team are exploring opportunities to work in partnership with an active local community or charitable group who could make use of the existing Bowling Green area and Pavilion building in Peckham Rye Park either as a bowls facility or with a new purpose.

Any interested groups shouldn’t feel constrained by the original use, we are open to exploring a number of possible uses for what is essentially a fenced off area of lawn with an associated meeting room/toilet/kitchen.

The park is a Green Flag award winning park with a wide range of facilities and is highly valued and loved by the local community. We believe an opportunity for facilities such as this, in one of the Boroughs premier parks is rare and hope to find a passionate group with aspirations to match ours to make a real difference for the local community.

Please call or email Matt Hill, Project Manager, Southwark Council on 020 7525 1604 or to find out

Community Southwark

Community Southwark

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