Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) Draft Consultation

Southwark Council are now consulting on the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) so that we can get your views on how we consult on planning matters.

The Statement of Community Involvement explains how you can get involved in planning matters and provide feedback and opinions on regeneration in your area.

Getting involved in planning matters is very important because planning vastly affects local communities, businesses and residents, and will most likely directly impact the way you live.

For example, urban regeneration can force businesses to relocate to different areas or homes may be demolished which could require residents to seek new accomodation in a different area.

Other issues to consider are whether buildings will be too imposing and will harm the natural environment, whether a development will bring a large influx of people to the neighbourhood which may not have the right infrastructure to cope, or the demolition of buildings with historical or local interest.

There are many things to consider. And it might be in support of a project too!

Why respond?

Changes to the built environment can be life-changing for surrounding communities and the local economy, so it’s essential that communities are involved when planning decisions are being made.

The Statement of Community Involvement will outline your right to express support or opposition on regeneration projects. It also outlines a series of engagement principles that the council must abide by in order to involve the local community in a meaningful way which you can read here.

Participating in this consultation will define how the council is obliged to engage and consider its residents for years to come- this is your opportunity to literally shape your community.

Southwark Council ‘want to ensure that all those who live, work, study, worship and volunteer in the borough can be involved in local planning decisions and the preparation of regeneration and planning strategies to help shape the places in our Borough.’

Consultation on the SCI will start In January and will last for 12 weeks. Please complete the online survey.

Before you complete the survey, make sure you read the following document to make informed responses to the survey:

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