Our Healthy Walworth Consultation

How can we make the Walworth area healthier and more pleasant for local people?

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The online consultation for Our Healthy Walworth has been running for several weeks so far and over 500 people have visited the website, leaving many contributions that you can see.

72% of people responding so far have said they are “Somewhat Supportive” or “Very supportive” of measures to stop traffic from making short-cuts between the Old Kent Rd area and the Kennington area.

This will be an essential part of the strategy to improve local air quality, create a safer and pleasant for local people .

Southwark Council also held their first community event last week at East Street Market, and the response here was very positive:

there is an appetite for changing the local environment: less through traffic – better bus journeys – safer walking and cycling – more attractive shopping and leisure

The council want to hear from many more of you – especially younger people, older people and members of minority communities.

This is an important opportunity to influence the quality of life in Walworth, which impacts on all who live and work in the area.

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