Plane Hell Action – Update September 2018

Campaigners have been spending the summer months recovering from the vote in the House of Commons that saw a third runway agreed in principle – though it is a long way from becoming reality!

Here are a few tidbits to keep you in the loop:

Report: South East London – No Respite From Aircraft Noise

It is highly recommended that you set aside 10 minutes to read through this report from Forest Hill resident Tim Walker. It is an excellent summary of how aircraft from London City and Heathrow airports combine to create community noise blackspots in south east London.

You can read the full report here.

Aviation Environment Federation

Plane Hell Action have recently become members of the Aviation Environment Federation, a UK-based organisation campaigning for aviation’s impacts on people and the environment to be brought within sustainable limits. The AEF receives more queries about aviation-related noise pollution than about any other issue, so becoming a member was a no-brainer!

To read more about the organisation click here.

To read their guide on noise pollution click here.

Grant Shapps Throws Down A Gauntlet!

If you would like to understand better why SE London is seeing more planes flying in ever-concentrated flight paths read this short commentary on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

It briefly states that the All-Party Parliamentary Group on General Aviation (APPG) are concerned that the CAA’s current procedure circumvents parliamentary and ministerial oversight, both in terms of policy direction and decision-making i.e. without consultation: 

This is a good opportunity to get London and the South East on the agenda!

Campaigners are suggesting that you write to Grant Shapps MP, Chair of the APPG: asking the APPG to take into consideration what is happening in SE London where the CAA has acted in a similarly summary fashion as across wider SE England and Farnborough.

Although the APPG has yet to issue terms of reference (ToR) it is expected to address how airspace should be managed.

Therefore when writing to Grant Shapps you may like to draw attention to:

  • the noise pollution caused by aircraft, particularly where the same routes are used 4.30am – 11/11.30pm day after day on westerly winds and ask that this be included in the ToR;
  • keeping planes higher for longer and particularly 18 (statutory) miles from Heathrow where they do not need to be as low as c4000ft, with 6000ft a possibility;
  • stopping double overflight by planes coming in to more than one airport, for SE London these being Heathrow and London City.

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