Kingswood Network Meeting 21/02/18 Notes

This meeting, held at Kingswood Community Shop, had 3 local topics to cover:

  • What’s happening in Kingswood over the coming months?
  • What is the long-term plan for Kingswood?
  • How can we enable better communication and consultation for residents on things that affect us?

Plus a discussion around the ways we can work together to guard against child sexual exploitation locally.

Participants included:

John Gazeley – Crystal Palace Community Development Trust
Rebecca Knowles – Kingswood Community Shop
Nina Kennedy – Kingswood Estate TRA
Joseph Boateng – Kingswood Estate TRA
Leon – Southwark Council Housing Team
Yasmin Grant – Aardvark Children’s Centres
Fitzroy Lewis – Dulwich Community Council
Francis Bernstein – Crystal palace and Upper Norwood Neighbourhood Forum
Jane Collingridge – Paxton Green PPG
Dario Blake – Connected with Destiny2Education
Kevin Dykes – Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention                       
Clare Chamberlain – Southwark CAN

Ways we can work together to guard against child sexual exploitation locally

Stop CSE Day annually is 18th March:

For some background on this subject please see the Alexis Jay Report on CSE in Rotherham

In Southwark there are 40 known cases of CSE – but these are only the cases that have been reported. This is similar in number to other London boroughs.

In order that we can help to share information about CSE prevention, Kevin is going to send through:

  • Twitter handles and other social media hooks to include in social media about CSE
  • An electronic copy of the CSE National Awareness Day Plan that has the dates of events leading up to the 18th March (please find this plan attached)
  • Links to information on CSE designed specifically for:


              Young People


              Vulnerable Adults

              Community Members


  • Reprinted flyers, with twitter handles very clearly shown, with copies for the Children’s Centre, Nursery and Primary School to give out to parents
  • For background, please see the attached notes of the meeting held at Kingswood Community Shop on 6th February 2018.

Outcomes of that meeting included:

Local school students from Dulwich College will design 2 flyers about CSE: one geared towards young people and one geared towards adults including what to be aware of and who to call if you are concerned.

Identify local community champions (like the City Safe Havens) for this issue, where people can come to raise concerns if they don’t want to go straight to the police e.g. Kingswood Community Shop.

College Ward online crime map:

Twitter @MPSCollege

What’s happening in Kingswood over the coming months?

• Friends of Gipsy Hill Station Catch Up – Saturday 14th April 2018

• Dulwich Wood Primary School Summer Scheme led by Sean and Sinead (charges tbc)

• Kingswood Community Shop Summer Art Activities – for children aged 8-12 over the summer (free of charge)

• Stay and Play activities over the summer at Dulwich Wood (Yasmin Grant will send the programme once published)

• Refurbishments are taking place at Kingswood House from now until the end of April. There is a break and wedding bookings have been taken from May to September. In October more refurbishments are taking place.

• Next Dulwich Community Council Meeting – Monday 25th June – Dulwich Community Council Facebook Page

• Internet Safety Training for Dulwich Wood Primary School Parents (date tbc)

• Festival Youth Concert (Part of the Dulwich Festival) – Thursday 17th May, 7pm at Kingsdale Foundation School

• ACT NOW to SAVE Sports & Athletics at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

How can we better communicate about things that affect us?

Local Consultations

• The Dulwich Traffic Consultation Findings – recommended that Network Rail prioritises station access

• Dulwich Wood Park Speed Reduction Consultation – Results will be published here once all comments have been considered

• The New Southwark Plan (NSP) wass out for consultation, until midday on Tuesday 27th February. 

The Kingswood Network Submitted a comment regarding the local Area Visions. Our comments have been logged and will be considered “providing they relate to the issues of legal compliance and the ‘tests of soundness.’” Where Southwark Council determine that representations do not relate to issues of legal compliance or the tests of soundness they will set out why in their consultation report which will be published when they submit the plan to the Secretary of State for examination.

Sign Up to local Newsletters

KETRA – Annual Newsletter 
Printed newsletter to every home on Kingswood Estate in July
Contact Joseph Boateng ( to submit information

Paxton Green PPG – Quarterly E-Bulletin
Published: 1st March, June, September, December 
Contact Jane Collingridge ( to submit information in the month prior to publication

Kingswood Community Shop – Biannual Newletter 
Contact Rebecca Knowles to submit information

Children’s Centre – Quarterly E-Bulletin
Published: April, July, October, January
Contact Lisa Lilley ( to submit information

Useful Twitter Handles:







What is the long-term plan for Kingswood?

• The funding sub-group met in October to discuss opportunities. There is funding available for street parties and we discussed the potential of organising a street party in the summer.

• We discussed the difficulties that local organisations face in having to manage funding cuts, often working across multiple sites in the borough and dealing with issues of delivering services for people living on the edge of multiple boroughs.

• We need different cross borough support or formalised reciprocal working in this area furthest removed from the rest of the borough, especially in terms of health (where the closest Southwark GP is in East Dulwich). South East London Transforming Care Partnership

• There is new data that the Children’s Centre has showing where the neediest children under 5 live, those living in temporary accommodation or sharing accommodation. The Kingswood area, although economically deprived, is not the most deprived area in terms of having no recourse to public funds – that is Peckham and so services are being directed there.

Other data (found by Francis Bernstein) however shows that Kingswood Estate:

This indicates that accessibility by travel will likely be the most impacting and difficult for this community, yet this community are isolated being located the furthest away from all other Southwark services, and surround by steep hills to access the largest and most *local* District Centres of Crystal Palace and Sydenham.

• Services are being delivered on a needs basis and so if KCS is providing ESOL classes, the Children’s centre would deliver those in another area. The Children’s Centres do home visits, provide help during pregnancy, deal with drug & alcohol issues and immigration as well as providing activities in the centre. 

• Could we partner with some of the large organisations on the South Bank to deliver activities in the North & South of the borough?


Yasmin will send the deprivation data that she referred to. Yasmin is also happy to present more about the activities of the Children’s Centres at the next Kingswood Network Meeting. Aardvark Children’s Centres will be changing their name to Southwark Children & Family Centres. The Children’s Centre co-locates with the Nursery School.

The following funding may work to address some of the points discussed above: – Deadline for applications is 27th April 2018

There is also an amazing opportunity for training for young community leaders: – Deadline for applications is 7th May 2018.

Our next meeting will be in May 2018 and will run for 90 minutes, with an hour of agenda items and 30 minutes for networking. For any enquiries please contact Clare.

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