Rotherhithe CAN 06/11/2017

We decided to split the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe CAN meetings so this was the first time in a while that the focus was solely on Rotherhithe… As it turns out there was plenty to discuss so read on to find out what’s happening in the Rotherhithe area!



Illuminate Rotherhithe

Annabel Stockman introduced the Illuminate Rotherhite festival which is taking place at the end of November.

In parallel with the international build-up to the 400th anniversary commemorations of the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620 to the New World, Illuminate Rotherhithe is a free local five day event which aims to involve and include our diverse communities

The themes of Migration and our Local Histories run through the festival, beginning on Thursday 23rd November with a Lantern Procession, followed by a Mayflower Concert at St Mary the Virgin. With folk duo Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith, local people will participate in the concert, sharing music, song, poetry and discourse, with commemorations of the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620 at its heart.

If you want to join in lantern making activities click here for details of upcoming sessions.

Other events/activities include:

  • Object handling at the Museum of London and Docklands
  • Local legend Barry Duckett teaching school children how to tie nautical knots
  • The Citizens of the World choir will be performing on the 24th
  • A screening of the film ‘The Pilgrims’ followed by a debate

The festival will be a chance to celebrate the rich history and heritage of Rotherhithe!

For full details of everything that is taking place, and to book on to certain events, click here.


Mayflower 2020

For anyone from Rotherhithe who has been living under a rock plans are afoot to mark the 400 year anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower – the ship that carried people across the Atlantic Ocean to the US.

Jonathan Etherbridge, Creative Director of London Bubble, is involved in the education sub-committee for the festival, and gave us a brief history lesson.

He also gave a rundown of some of the events that would be taking shape in the coming months/years as we count down to 2020.

Notably there is the potential to create some kind of visitor centre to accommodate the inevitable interest both locally and from across the pond.

Southwark Cathedral will also be hosting a national service of commemoration to mark the occasion.

Finally, Southwark council are going to be working with 13 other partners (including Southampton and Plymouth) to ensure that events that mark the 400 year sailing of the Mayflower are ‘spectacular’. They have also recently published their first newsletter outlining their plans (although it seems that currently there isn’t an online version).

They are also keen to recruit people for a group that will be tasked with raising awareness of the celebrations.

For more information contact

You can find out more about events surrounding the voyage by clicking here.



With a nod to the sailing of the Mayflower, TunedIn.London is hosting the Tale Tusk Quartet on Wed 29th Nov at 7.45pm.

For details of this event, and other upcoming shows in the calendar, click here.


Anti-Social Behaviour

It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this who lives in Rotherhithe that several people mentioned the increase in ASB that has blighted the local area recently.

This has now become a daily event – especially with people on scooters taking part in smash-and-grab style attacks on homes and pedestrians. Vandalism, muggings and arson are now commonplace.

Whispers of setting up vigilante groups have even been heard…

There’s no one cause or reason for this spike although reduction in police presence locally surely won’t be helpin

It was noted that anyone who wanted to make their feelings known to the police could attend local Ward Panel meetings.

The next Rotherhithe Ward Panel meeting to be held on Monday 20 November at the Mayflower TRA Hall.

The general advice is to report any incidents by calling 101. Alternatively, people are now being encouraged to use Twitter:

The Rotherhithe Safer Neighbourhoods Team account is: it doesn’t appear to be particularly active.


Canada Water Master Plan Update

Eleanor Wright from British Land was on hand to provide an update on the CWMP. Highlights include:

  • Plans now involve potentially keeping the Printworks.
  • British Land would like to hear people’s views on Canada Water dock as Part of it  is included in the Master Plan. 
  • The council recently agreed the heads of terms of the development agreement with British Land. This includes the creation of a new 500 lease for the three sites included – the shopping centre, leisure park and Printworks. 
  • A replacement Leisure centre for seven islands is proposed as part of the masterplan – subject to a Southwark Council decision.
  • In order to plan for the expected increase in demand on local transport infrastructure a modelling exercise will take place next year. The focus of the plan will likely revolve around improving the existing bus service.
  • Planning application will be submitted early next year – with ‘boots on the ground’ in 2019.
  • Social Life – a research organisation – have been commissioned to undertake a qualitative study of the area to better understand it.

For more information about the Master Plan click here.


Our Hosts…

We were very lucky to be invited by Time and Talents to use their venue at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. As way of recompense it is only right that we let everyone know about the vast array of events that the charity puts on for local residents and those who come from further afield!

For a full programme click here.

If anyone would like more support in getting connected or developing ideas and initiatives please contact a member of our team:

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