Dulwich CAN 13/07/2017 Meeting Notes



1.    Wishes for the Kingswood Community

2.    Kingswood Network Support

3.    Summer Community Event

4.    Community Asset Mapping

5.    AOB

6.    Actions


1. Wishes for the Kingswood Community


2.    Kingswood Network Support

The Kingswood Network comprises a wide range of organisations, community groups, faith groups and active citizens that are based in or live in and around the Kingswood Estate.

The Kingswood Network was set up several years ago and met once a quarter, to encourage local groups to work together:

  • scheduling complementary events for the community;
  • submitting funding applications together(to avoid submitting grants for similar activities to the same grant funder which could amount to added competition);
  • making good use of community spaces;
  • ensuring that residents have all the services and activities needed;
  • and the opportunity to get involved

It served as more than just sharing information about activities, although that was useful, it formed a network of trusted local people that weren’t the Council.

Due mainly to lack of resources and the time to organise and encourage people to come along, the network has not met for about a year. Representatives from the local schools and the police used to attend which was useful, but the meetings did not engender better consistent communication amongst the network.

The Network could:

  • serve as a pressure groups for cross borough services made available to residents in this area (which borders 4 other boroughs) e.g. for reciprocal free swim and gym passes.
  • look out for provision for children from pre-school activities, through nursery and primary education through to places available at secondary school.
  • organise workshops prior to the deadline for funding applications e.g. the Neighbourhood Fund to look at what activities local groups would like to deliver in order to put in a united funding application for the whole area.
  • could run workshops in partnership with groups like the Upper Norwood Library Huband www.superhighways.org to help residents and groups with ICT issues, identify useful Apps and learn to use tech tools, and gather data about the needs of the community.
  • work together to undertake a listening exercise for the 700 very local households to find out what people want/need/care about locally.
  • engage local chapters of the Scouts/Guides/Woodcraft Folk etc. to door knock as part of their volunteering / community work badges.
  • make another attempt at an ‘adopt a neighbour’ scheme. Or a street / block champion scheme.

The Network welcomes participants from the surrounding areas and wants to look outward as well as focussing on local needs.

It was decided that Dulwich CAN will:

  • administrate the network, while funding exists and as long as the network continues to want that support
  • update the participant list and work with local groups to find new representatives
  • organise the next network meeting for late September once the schools are back from the summer break

A picture taken at the Kingswood House Festival a few years ago 

3.    Summer Community Event?

The on-going plans for refurbishments to Kingswood House have meant that it has not been possible to run the usual Summer Event, and residents have fed back their disappointment about this. The refurbishments should take place between October 2017 and May 2018.

The idea of having a summer barbeque was raised although time is needed to plan events like that and ensure that plenty of notice is given, and with staff on annual leave and with other commitments this may not be possible.

Activities are taking place over Open House Weekend, organised by the Friends of Kingswood House. These activities could both be good opportunities to ask people what they want for the Kingswood Estate.

We could undertake a community canvassing exercise, design postcards to ask people:

  • what they like about Kingswood?
  • what they would like to improve/what facilities they would like?
  • and any skills they would like to share?

and have post boxes at the schools, the Shop, Kingswood House, PGTB, churches etc. We could have a table outside the community shop/outside the schools/playground etc. and ask people as they pass.

What information does Southwark Council/The Friends of Kingswood House have about the community and what expertise could Southwark Council provide to help us connect with the community? Is there the need for more local Adult Education Classes? Some community owned transport? Could SGTO help with this?

This intelligence could all feed into a …

4.    Community Asset Map

We discussed the benefits of putting together a network / geographical map for the Kingswood area, for the local community to use. This could be embedded on the website of all the network members and updated centrally by Dulwich CAN.

This could be an on-going process starting with any community mapping activities at Open House Weekend and continuing through the Kingswood Network meetings.


An example of the Kingswood Community Network

5.     AOB

Cllr Catherine Rose is now the Deputy Cabinet Member for Childcare. She is working to mitigate the effects of the high charges for child care and the impact this has on families.

In September Kingswood House and Link Age Southwark will be starting a Lunch Club for people over 60. It is important to provide a monthly meal where people can socialise and eat together.

The Crystal Palace Overground Festival in collaboration with Superhighways made some audio records of activities that took place at the festival, some of which took place on the Kingswood Estate. Have a look (and listen) here: https://audioboom.com/users/4967955/playlists

6.     Actions

Dulwich CAN will:

  • provide support to the Kingswood Network to organise meetings, while funding exists and as long as the network wants that support
  • update the network participant list and work with local groups to find new representatives
  • organise the next network meeting for late September
  • support any community listening activities

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