Dulwich CAN 09/03/17 Meeting Notes


Lilian Bartholomew                 Catrin Waugh

Jean Halden                            Lucia Annear

Robert Jamieson                    Clare Chamberlain

Francis Bernstein                    Marianne Kavanagh

Drew Mackie                           Eileen Conn


1.    Neighbourhood Forums

2.    Online Community Asset Mapping and Network Mapping Tools

3.    New Southwark Plan – Area Visions and Site Allocations

4.    Actions

1. Neighbourhood Forums

Rob Jamieson gave a brief over view of what a Neighbourhood Forum is, why they are useful and the process involved, from deciding to set up a Neighbourhood Forum, to voting on a neighbourhood plan.

For further information on this, check out:

·         March 2017 bulletin from Neighbourhood Planners.London

·         Information on Referendums from the Planning Advisory Service

·         Locality Website: http://locality.org.uk/projects/building-community/

Dulwich Village Neighbourhood Forum

We then heard from Marianne Kavanagh from the newly formed Dulwich Village Neighbourhood Forum.

This group consists of 8 resident’s associations in Dulwich Village which set up in order to represent the views of local residents on planning and transport issues in Dulwich. The feeling amongst local residents was that Southwark Council was consulting local campaigning groups about issues affecting the local area, but not asking residents for their views.

The Dulwich Village Neighbourhood Forum met with the Herne Hill Neighbourhood Forum on 10 March 2017 to set their Neighbourhood Forum boundaries.

One of the areas of concern for the Dulwich Village Neighbourhood Forum is the range of shops and services available in Dulwich Village. The Dulwich Area Vision states that the Village is “home to a thriving, historic local shopping centre” but many people locally feel that the shops in the Village are not actually that useful. Also, the increase to Business Rates is causing problems for many business owners across Dulwich.

For more information about the DVNF – please get in touch. engage@communitysouthwark.org


The Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood Neighbourhood Forum

We also heard from Frances Bernstein about the development of the Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood Neighbourhood Forum, which works across 5 boroughs. The benefits of becoming a Neighbourhood Forum are many and varied, not least that local Councils have to consult with a Forum on any planning issues (so that with good communication links, early responses to consultations are possible) and that the process of setting up a Forum is valuable in its own right in connecting people and encouraging local community activity. A Forum may not be the right approach for every area, however.

Creating a Neighbourhood Plan is one aspect of becoming a Forum, but there are also possibilities under the Localism Act to identify assets of community value, to apply for the right to manage a service (http://walthamforestecho.co.uk/making-headway-in-housing/ ) or run a community pub (see The Ivy House in Peckham as an example) 

See website: http://www.cpneighbours.org/ 

Twitter: @cpneighbours


2.   Online Community Asset Mapping and Network Mapping Tools

Drew Mackie joined us to highlight the online network mapping tool: www.Kumu.io   

Check out this map for the Dulwich CAN network: 

This is a public document, so please take a look and if you would like your name / organisation details removed let me know.

We are hoping to add the following information for each person / organisation. Please click on the Dulwich Can circle as an example:


·         INTERESTS


·         POSTCODE






·         WEBSITE

·         WILLINGNESS TO SHARE (Resources, intelligence, information etc.)  (1 = Not Willing to Share; 5 = Willing to Share)

If you want to get involved either:

1.    Send me the information above and I will add it to the map – or

2.    sign up to www.kumu.io, send me your username and I will connect you to the map so you can update it yourself.

Other Mapping Tools that we are interested in for geographical / wellbeing asset mapping include:



Interests Me

Community Connect and BandTogether



3.   New Southwark Plan – Area Visions and Site Allocations

Issues discussed in the session included:

• NSP35: The Grove Tavern, 520 Lordship Lane

It is excellent that the Council are identifying potential sites for Extra Care Housing, but it is vital that pollution levels are taken into account for those potential sites, to ensure that the environment is appropriate for its use.

• NSP36: Guys and St Thomas Trust Rehabilitation Centre, Crystal Palace

Although the NSP says that this site must “retain a health facility of at least equivalent size, provided there is a requirement for a health facility” – this must retain a general practice health facility as there are no alternative GP practices in Southwark nearby.

Could this area be called Dulwich and Crystal Palace? Rarely would anyone living in the southern tip of Southwark say that they live in Dulwich. 

Additional comments

Residents of Herne Hill see it as one place, with an obvious centre, and a less well defined ‘boundary line’ where we merge into Brixton, Tulse Hill, Dulwich, Denmark Hill, Camberwell and Loughborough Junction. What we don’t think about when we consider where we live, is whether it is in Lambeth or Southwark … Yet the two boroughs will produce 2 expensive, separate, Area Plans that each cut off their own bit of Herne Hill and deal with it in isolation. 

There has to be a joined up effort by the Councils, where a centre of population straddles more than one borough.

We want Herne Hill looked at as one place!

• NSP50: Bath Trading Estate 

Will any development of this site retain the green rooves secured by the Lost Effra Project to reduce surface run off – http://theurbanwildproject.org/projects.html

There are multiplying grey electricity boxes in front of the Caribbean Take Away Umana Yama, by the entrance / exit to Bath Trading Estate. Combined with the railway bridge, this part of the pavement is very congested and it is key for any development to take the safety of this entrance / exit into account.

To make a Comment or see the Area Visions and Site please go to:

East Dulwich

The key development opportunity sites in East Dulwich are:

• NSP37: Kwik Fit and Gibbs & Dandy, Grove Vale

• NSP38: Dulwich Hamlet Champion Hill Stadium, Dog Kennel Hill

• NSP39: Railway Rise, East Dulwich

• NSP40: Dulwich Community Hospital, East Dulwich Grove

Herne Hill & North Dulwich

The key development opportunity sites in Herne Hill and North Dulwich are: 

• NSP50: Bath Trading Estate

Dulwich & Crystal Palace

The key development opportunity sites in Dulwich are: 

• NSP35: The Grove Tavern, 520 Lordship Lane

• NSP36: Guys and St Thomas Trust Rehabilitation Centre, Crystal Palace

Full List of Areas:

4.   Actions 

1.    Support for Lucia tackle the issue of finding board members SNNA

2.    Network Mapping with Catrin for local services for older people

3.    Breathe Easy Choir promotion

4.  Look into the right to vote in a Neighbourhood Plan Referendum (do local businesses have the right to vote, do members of local community organisations have the right to vote)

5.  CC to E-mail to Anne Kirby about the Area Visions crossing borough boundaries issue to pass on to Peter John

6.   Site Allocation Walk Arounds

If anyone would like more support in getting connected or developing ideas and initiatives please contact a member of our team: engage@communitysouthwark.org

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