Peckham and Nunhead CAN – 09/02/17 Meeting Notes


  • Peter M Frost – Peckham Society                  
  • Eileen Conn- Peckham Vision                    
  • Mark Johnson – Garden Organic
  • Aoife Byrne – Peckham Levels                  
  • Rose WilK Mulhs – Makeshift                            
  • Phillipe Castaine – Makeshift                            
  • Corinne Turner – Peckham Vision                  
  • Fabinne De Latre – Paxton Green Time Bank
  • Anne Bowers – Local Resident                      
  • Jennie Linnett – Link Age Southwark            
  • Anneke Ziemen – Thames Reach                    
  • Leona Galbourne – Local Resident                    
  • Tina Smith – Brayards                              
  • Esteher Choutsedjem – Local Resident                  
  • Nathan Lewis – Community Southwark    
  • Ian Redding – Community Southwark      


Do we do enough for our neighbours in Peckham?

Presentation given by Jennie Smith on the work they do with older people and the issues that they face. These included issues around:

*Feeling Safe – Feeling safe in your personal space in a key value for anyone, and for older people who may be or feel more vulnerable, it is important that mechanisms are in place to help support this. On example was given of a local pensioner who lived alone in the borough, and experienced a potential break-in when a man tried to push his way into her home.

*Confidence – The older you get, the more conscious you may be of your mortality, and the fact that your sense and mobility may be hindered. This fear of not being able to look after one’s self as they were once used to may prevent some people from interacting with others, or even coming out of their front door. The possibility of being seen as an easy target to pilfer may threaten someone feeling comfortable in living an independent life.

*Transport – Whilst there are services such as Dial a Ride, it was noted that some residents have found it awkward to try to organise a trip. The case for improving the IT literacy of older people was made. The average age of Link Age Southwark service users is 83.

Is there a need/desire to get older people to volunteer, and what is the benefit?

* There is a real interest in strengthening community care, and the mechanism through which the community can adequately support the older members of their local community.

* However, there are fears that commissioned service providers will not be a fan of this (An example was given of community members supporting a young person who lived on the same street as them, who was clearly needing support for mental health issues; and residents felt that the service provider blocked them from assisting in giving support, and as a result …… the person’s mental health worsened). Now people felt unable to give assistance to others in their community for fear that they would be blocked again.

* As one local resident commented ‘If you know your neighbours, that means that you look after them, that you’ll look after their cat’.


Older people and Digital Inclusion

* It was noted that there is currently a Southwark Council initiative to improve the IT literacy if its local residents. Further details can be found here.

* As the number of people who live in care homes increases, a case was given that Wi-Fi should be made easy to access there; despite many homes not wanting to enable their residents to engage with the outside world in such a way.

Southwark SAIL (Safe and Independent Living)

* This is a referral service set up by Age UK Lewisham and Southwark which aims to link service users to appropriate services.


* The Casserole Club and Good Gym (Southwark) were given as examples of initiatives that are already being used to support the older population in Southwark, and could be further utilised to do more if people knew about them.

* The value of Time Banking was stressed during the meeting as another way of supporting older people, through sharing skills without the burden of feeling that they have to reciprocate an action, (although this is a possibility)

* The need for collaborative working between local organisations was heavily stressed by members and organisations present.


New attendees came to this meeting, and a little time was taken to explain the role of Community Southwark, and how the organisation is able to affect change through taking forward issues raised in the CANs. This is a sign of continuing progress, spreading the word about CANs and how individuals and communities could be using them as a resource.

Peckham Levels Initiative (

* Phillipe, Rose and Aoife presented on the upcoming Peckham Levels initiative, which is scheduled to be open to the public from September 2017.

* Alongside the main purpose, it is planned that the project will provide much needed community spaces, for all ages, with the goal to support local entrepreneurship, and connect these individuals to their local community.

* There was some concern expressed around the extent to which the initiative is community focused; Phillipe acknowledged that the venture has a commercial arm, but stressed that in order for any project to financially survive, this is needed. In any event, as a social enterprise any profit is re-invested in the local community

* Overall, the attendees welcomed the ideas of what Peckham Levels will bring to the local community. This was expressed with a little caution and in anticipation of seeing the extent to which Peckham Levels will be engaging with the local community members, community organisations and providing a central point for these different groups to engage with each other.


One attendee felt that in discussions and debates that concern Peckham and Nunhead tend to leave out Nunhead; so it has been was requested that in upcoming meetings, topics relevant to Nunhead are specifically featured too..

If anyone would like more support in getting connected or developing ideas and initiatives please contact a member of our team:

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