Dulwich CAN 10/11/2016 Meeting Notes

This was the 4th meeting of the Dulwich CAN. We had a good mix of people from various organisations across Dulwich including some that hadn’t previously been involved in a CAN meeting.

We have tried to capture the issues raised in the conversations, and to provide links to the projects and resources discussed in the notes that follow below, but if you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us, engage@communitysouthwark.org

A speacial thanks to East Dulwich Picturehouse for hosting us!




Update from Last meeting

Services for Young People 

We found a list of services for young people from the council from 2009 (you can access it here).

Jean Halden set up the Post Box Project at the East Dulwich Community Centre, which is on this list but which is no longer active.

Action: Review list 

Robin mentioned a group that had run youth activities in the Sea Cadet Hut at JAGS in the past called Red Thread. 

Action: Contact Red Thread

Action: Share any learning that comes from B&B CAN about designing a new provision for young people there

– Clare highlighted that as a result of the last meeting Community Southwark is contacting secondary schools in the area to discuss raising awareness amongst students of the benefits of Volunteering and Social Action

– Funmi spoke about examples of how they have used time-banking in schools to support Pastoral Care and counter bullying.

– Jean mentioned an intergenerational project that Link Age Southwark are running where over 50s to go into schools (e.g. Heber Road Primary School) and play their favourite games with the children.

– Robin highlighted that a problem in East Dulwich is the lack of community space.


Themes from Community Research

  • There has been an improvement in the cleanliness of the East Dulwich area 
    (much less dog waste on the streets)
  • Rising housing prices often means that children are not able to buy or rest homes near their parents or where they grew up
  • Independent shop owners are struggling to afford the rise in rents and business rates
  • How to increase the engagement of local residents? Large numbers of community members do not attend public meetings to put forward their ideas of improvements for services etc. (There are many reasons for this including working shifts or unsociable hours, not having child care, feeling that nothing will be done as a result) They will share information one to one, out of a meeting setting, but it is hard to represent communities based on the requests of the few people who always attend.

Action: See if there is a way that the CANs can help to engage local people using model from Bankside Residents Forum? Help recruit people to be reps for their block – to letter drop, help to run regular events, share information

  • Lack of meaningful activities to channel the talents and ambitions of young people
  • Bulky Waste – the fact that this is now a paid for service has seen a rise in large furniture being dumped on the street

Action: Send details of www.fixmystreet.com

  • Green food waste sacks now need to be purchased and mean that people are not using these – increased smell and mess
  • Lack of local FE facilities
  • New chains are putting pressure on existing independent businesses e.g. impact of M&S on local fish shop
  • Help for older people in Herne Hill to access tea & coffee at affordable prices in a social setting


Robin – there is no community space for people to meet or get together on Lordship Lane that is easily accessible by bus.  Trying to get shopkeepers together to set up an Association but the process hampered by having nowhere to meet. EDCC is fantastic but not on Lordship Lane. Shoplifting is a problem for Lordship Lane Shopkeepers.

Lilian: there used to be a market in Northcross Road but this is no longer active. There seems to be restaurants only now and nowhere just to buy groceries.

Andy: Lordship lane has become a destination. A recent survey that he undertook showed that less than half the people on Lordship Lane come from Dulwich.

Robin – there is a 50/50 protected frontage conservation order on Lordship Lane which means that half of the shops have to be retail.

Andy – highlighted that the real problem is Landlords raising the rent.

Action: Find an example of people working with landlords. Good examples of businesses working together e.g East Dulwich Christmas Cracker 

Action: Get examples of BIDs – Bermondsey / Brixton / Lambeth

Action: Fitzroy has shared the 2013-14 map of East Dulwich, Bellenden Road and Dulwich Village Independent Shops.


Housing Justice, Brian Ball

Brian described the programme that they have to find volunteers to host destitute asylum seekers and refugees. There are no hosts in Southwark at the moment. There are 44 hosts across London. They have meetings every two months to explain what the hosting programme is. Housing Justice aim in a year to have a good number of hosts across at least 10 boroughs. HJ deals with a number of different referral agencies and seeks to house people with claims in process that are likely to be successful.

The building next to Christchurch in Dulwich (Barry House) is now run by Migrant Help – David asked, how can we support such a fluid community.

Andy highlighted that MPs receive a lot of referrals from refugees. Andy also highlighted a gap that he felt there is a real lack of pro-bono legal advice for refugees.  

Action: Link SDCAS to Barry House if not already connected.

Action: Gather information about pro-bono legal advice for refugees. David mentioned Hackney Migrants Centre, St Giles Trust and Advising London may have services.


Jean – the Breathe Easy Southwark Choir – singing for better breathing. Looking for new members to join. Action: Could Rob interview to promote the choir?

The Breathe Easy Choir are performing on 21st November at St Thomas’ Hospital and on the 23rd December from 11am – 1pm at Sainsbury’s on Dog Kennel Hill

Funmi – Paxton Green Time Bank have set up Time 4 Lambeth Timebank which is working in Herne Hill on 1st December with the Milkwood Road Residents association on their community garden.

David – Christchurch have just started a Community Band, ‘Band Easy’ Wednesdays from 7.30, all welcome. This is run by a musician called Dan Maitland, who also runs two community choirs.

Fitzroy –  The next Dulwich Community Council Meeting is on Wednesday 7th December themed on Education. The Neighbourhoods fund is now open, deadline for applications is 19th December – can apply for up to 5k.

Lilian / David – Christchurch community event is taking place on the 21st December in the evening. There will be a community band performance. There is a list in the café in the Church for people to sign up. From 7pm.

Suzanne – join the Christmas party at Kingswood House on the 15th December from 3-6pm.

Clare – Blue Elephant Theatre’s Christmas performance is Jack Frost. 19th December Healthwatch Winter Wellness event.

See more events here: http://www.southwarkcan.org/event_map?page=1

If anyone would like more support in getting connected or developing ideas and initiatives please contact a member of our team: engage@communitysouthwark.org

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