Peckham and Nunhead CAN – 12/07/2016 Meeting Notes

This was the third meeting of the Peckham and Nunhead Community Action Network. We had a great mix of people from the local area and interesting discussion around the impact of transport in Peckham, the lack of free public meeting space, healthy eating (the relative merits or not of Chicken Shops!) and much more. We shared lots of information about local projects groups and even had time for a cup of tea and general chat. We have tried to capture links to the projects and resources discussed in the notes below, but if you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us, 

Thanks to PemPeople for use of their pop-up shop on Peckham High Street!



We started the evening by asking the question ‘What would make Peckham and Nunhead a better place and why?’ There were a variety of response focusing on issues around housing, mental health, transport infrastructure, public space and youth services. We picked the two themes which had the most people mention them, Transport and People. 


Issues raised:

  • Better cycling infrastructure on Rye lane to reduce pedestrian / cycle collision on shared use path.
  • More transport infrastructure such as tube to decrease congestion on Walworth road / Peckham High Street / East Dulwich Road – fewer cars!
  • A tube station
  • Better cycling education
  • Need more walking and cycling zones

How can people get involved to make change?

Peckham Vision: Issues around road layouts, road surfacing and planning came up. One way that local residents can get involved in these issues is to link in with Peckham Vision, a local community group that aims to help local people have more of a say in planning issues.  

The New Southwark Plan: This will set out the Council’s regeneration strategy from 2017 – 2033. Have a look at the Peckham section to get a sense of what it means for transport and infrastructure. In Camberwell they are creating a ‘Vision’ for Camberwell that will feed into the NSP.

Sustrans: an organisation that supports Sustainable travel. They have some activity in Peckham, for instance supporting the Peckham Coal Line Project

Things we need the answer to:

Who do we need to speak to at Southwark council to get better demarcation of the Cycle Superhighway on Rye Lane?

Ideas to develop:

  • Cycle Education Workshops: P&N CAN to link Kevin, Marianne, Sabrina and Fabienne to local groups about developing better cycle education
  • Carpools: P&N CAN to explore whether this exists in the area already and let people know
  • Extend the cycle hire scheme: Interested parties to speak to Sustrans and Peckham vision to find out if this is something they could campaign to be extended to Peckham.  


Issues Raised:

  • Under this theme we discussed problems around healthy eating and opportunities for healthy eating in Peckham.
  • We also discussed isolation for Older people in the borough and what could be done to address this.

How can people get involved to make change?

Glengall Wharf Gardens: A really great food growing and community gardening project in Burgess Park.

Pecan Foodbank: Pecan are a local charity in Peckham. They run an important Foodbank in the area and are always looking for volunteers.

Foodcycle: The project has been initiated in response to local issues of food waste, a desire to build community by providing a welcoming space for people to come and eat together and as a help to people struggling with food poverty.

Peckham Pocket Spaces: Another project supported by Sustrans. Taking unused pockets of land to put to community use.

Link Age Southwark: Run an excellent befriending scheme across the borough where volunteers are matched with isolated older people.

Age UK: run a menders Club in Peckham and also have lots of other services for older people.

Issues not discussed – to be covered in the next meeting

  • Public space
  • Opportunities for people to meet in their local community
  • Deny planning of more chicken and chip shops to prevent children from becoming unhealthy and obese
  • We need a functional youth centre in the area
  • More Youth support services
  • Things to improve mental health of residents
  • Free spaces for artists
  • More cheap studios for artists and ways of showing arts performances
  • Focusing on investing in the mental health of people and tie to focus on listening to people.
  • Need more mixed housing

Next Steps:

Other local projects and Initiatives to connect with:

Peckham Levels: a project to transform the multi-storey car park in Peckham into a new creative community for local people.

Old Kent Road Studios: Nicholas from Pempeople is running a campaign to get garages on the Ledbury estate transformed into spaces for workshops / studios etc.

Thamesreach Employment Academy: Chris who was at the meeting and is a local Peckham resident also works for Thamesreach Employment Academy, which is based on Peckham Road. The project works with homeless people to help prevent homelessness and develop skills fr employment. He mentioned that you can report rough sleepers through the Streetlink App, which helps connect rough sleepers to local services

If anyone would like more support in getting connected or developing ideas and initiatives please contact a member of our team:

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