Rotherhithe CAN Meeting 21/06/2016 Notes


  • Alison Clayborn
  • Salome Twum
  • Nathan Lewis
  • Truly Johnston


  • David Eyles
  • Mark Parker
  • Alyson Moore


Community hubs in Rotherhithe

The discussion focused mostly on the places in which people gather in Rotherhithe and the different ways that people connect and take part in social action. Key places that were highlighted as hubs in the community are:

  • The Deli on Albion Street
  • The Norweigan and Finnish Churches
  • The Café at Docklands Settlement
  • Time and Talents
  • Friends of Southwark Park Group
  • What’s on in Rotherhithe Group

Canada Water Masterplan:

In the previous CAN meeting we had discussed community consultation on the masterplan. Good consultation work has been conducted by British Land and Soundings and good information and opportunities for questioning have been provided by the Canada Water Consultative Forum. However it was felt that there hadn’t been an opportunity for more cohesive community response.  In the March meeting people discussed that responses to the masterplan felt disconnected and piecemeal on single issues. People felt that it would be good to have an event where people have the time and space to really explore the plan and what people want a future Canada Water and Rotherhithe Community to look like.

British Land have some upcoming consultation events and the community council meeting on the 22nd June was focused on the CWMP.

We would be happy to work together to organise a one-day event to bring people together to look at the plan and shape a community response, but we need to know how much support there is for this approach.

If you think this could be beneficial and would like to be involved please contact

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