Borough and Bankside CAN 14/06/2016 Notes

This meeting was the first meeting of the Borough and Bankside area alone (as opposed to Borough, Bankside and Walworth). Although the group was small we had good discussions on what is needed to help people to get involved in their community and find out what is going on and also key things going on in the area.

Thanks to Blackfriars Settlement for Hosting and providing the venue – and thanks to Handicap international as we benefitted with copious cake from a bake sale they had had that day!



Key outcomes of previous meetings:

  • SouthwarkCAN learned of the issued faced by the Feminist Library around their premises and were able to provide support with the application for the lease extension
  • Inspire connected with a participant at the previous meeting who has since been a valued participant in their services
  • Newington Estate TRA  was inspired to work with other TRAs and a joint event was held between three TRAs to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.


Planning and Regeneration:

  • Getting information about how the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is allocated to local people – informing local people about community resources and council agendas in a meaningful way.
  • People often feel that they have not been given information, that consultations are pointless because decisions have already been taken, and that they are powerless
  • People do not access information in the same way or at the same stage in its availability. People have to learn of developments locally at the right time for them and in the right way for them to absorb and do something with the information – often FACE TO FACE is needed – door knocking exercises
  • There is a new Neighbourhood plan for Borough and Bankside which is now at the stage where it is fully compliant.
  • The single most useful development for issues around planning would be for the council to restore the facility to search for planning applications by Borough and Bankside rather than by postcode which includes all the Walworth planning applications

Connecting people

  • Local groups struggling to get people through the door to access services that would benefit them. Inspire are using Represent Radio and Rinse FM to publicise their services
  • Face-to-face and working with trusted community leaders is the best way to get information out.
  • Getting contact details for community connectors in TRAs
  • Lack of places for people in the same building to overlap to share information and connect – separate entrances to new developments depending upon whether you are living in social housing, shared ownership, owners
  • Raising awareness among new communities of services that exist locally – hard to connect with some new communities because they often work, socialize and have hobbies based outside their home locality
  • Engaging with people in new developments needs more work.
  • Queues of people outside Bournemouth Road – similar to how things have been at Beckett House Immigration Office – can be dehumanizing for people
  • Food waste is something that people care about and can connect on.


  • What could help people to be more active in their communities?
  • Enable people to access information through trusted and recognised community connectors
  • Create space for people to bump into each other
  • Going to people to create relationships
  • Helping community leaders to have ‘wins’ – that can then be fed back to wider local community
  • Focus on passion to bring people together
  • Provide food and music!
  • Work with TRAs


  • CANs to develop a list of identify trusted local community connectors to invite to meet up with and invite to next meetings.
  • Community Southwark to provide a clear list of issues that people are facing locally on the CAN website – so that community connectors can select the issues that resonate to share with their communities – will be more impactful because they feel passionate about it
  • Clare Chamberlain to put Laura Hooper in touch with Felicia Boshorin at Southwark Foodbank based at Pecan in Peckham
  • Truly Johnston to link Bankside Residents Forum with Ian Redding and the Southwark Planning Network
  • Each participant to bring a member of another VCS and service user to next meeting
  • Have a headline for the next meeting to encourage participation
  • SE1 website – encourage people to sign up to membership of this great resource
  • Highlight the volunteer opportunities available at Plan ZHEROES
  • Provide food and music at next meeting!

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